Top Of Line: Shae Summers Big Natural Boobs

Today we will be reviewing ‘Top Of Line’ with Shae Summers for ‘Big Naturals.’ Boobs are the star of this video, so if you like big natural boobs you have certainly come to the right place.

In fact they love Shae Summers so much over at their site that they have filmed her 10 different times already. It is a match made in heaven though, a niche porn site that focuses on big real tits, and a sexy porn star with some of the best big real tits you will ever find.

Shae is dressed up in a really sexy outfit that definitely shows off all of her curves. Her milky white tits are mostly popping out, with just a little strip of black fabric going across the middle cover the nipple.

She shows off a bit inside and then heads out to the pool. Now she has some silver shorts on but they don’t stay on long.

One of the reasons that we love the site ‘Big Naturals’ which is part of the Reality Kings Network so much is because they know where their focus should be. Guys sign up to this site because they have a huge database of awesome scenes with great real boobs.

So you get a very long lead up here with Shae Summers feeling her tits, shaking them, even spitting on her fingers and rubbing it into her nipples. A boob lovers dream.

Inside For The Foreplay

Now she moves inside and goes from rubbing her tits to fingering her pussy. Then the guy joins the show and starts to fingerbang her hard. He is fingering her in doggie so hard that her tits are flying around, a good precursor of what is about to come.

Then she gets on her knees to give a nice blowjob with a lot of tongue. After licking and sucking his dick for awhile Shae Summers oils up her tits for a titjob and handjob.

This also lasts a long time, this scene is over 50 minutes long so nothing is rushed. Any time you get a good view they hold it for awhile so you can really focus on it.

Big Natural Boobs Bouncing

The sex starts with Shae Summers doggiestyle and a nice side view of her tits bouncing. Of course you can see her ass well in this position also, but those natural tits just draw your eyes right to them.

They are doing it hard on the floor and then he lays on his back. Now she hops on and again it starts out with a side view of her riding his big cock.

Then the camera switches to more of a POV style so you can see her tits the same way he is. As we mentioned earlier, her tits are always being shown off just as they should be.

She is riding him really hard and we worry that her knees are getting rug burn but she doesn’t seem to mind. They move up to the couch where she gets pounded laying on her back and side.

Then she hops on in reverse cowgirl and rides him, another fantastic big natural tit view. After a long time in that one they do some quick doggie before he gives her a facial cumshot with lots of cum on her tits as well.

Shae Summers Big Natural Boobs

If you haven’t figured it out yet we really love Shae Summers big natural boobs. If you are a heterosexual male you probably do also, heck even a gay guy could find beauty in great tits like those.

With more 10 scenes already shot for ‘Big Naturals‘ you can get a whole lot of her on the site. Plus you get full access to the entire Reality Kings Network and their 45 or so niche sites.

They do an awesome job of focusing the camera where it needs to be. Here you get the awesome tit views, in the ‘Monster Curves’ section they focus more on the big butts.

And there are 40+ more niche sites that all focus on different things. Variety is the spice of life and you certainly get that with Reality Kings.

Hopefully adding Top Of Line with Shae Summers big natural boobs to your spank bank made you a happy camper today.


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