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They have a huge database of real sex videos with real Filipina girls. No porn shot in some LA mansion, no porn stars, just real sex by real girls.

There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of great scenes shot by them over the years. Lets talk about some of our favorites now.

Sexy Filipina Girl Lalaine

Lalaine is standing outside of the mall as he approaches. He stalks her for a bit and then casually approaches when she leaves and goes to a restaurant nearby.

She is waiting for her friends but he talks her into joining him for dinner and then to his room. She has a cute face and is younger then most Trike Patrol girls.

She gives him a blowjob and does a lot of licking on his balls. This sexy Filipina porn star isn’t great at sucking dick but she is pretty good. She then takes some gentle skull fucking before they fuck.

She has on some really sexy panties and takes them off to reveal a nice ass. Her tight Asian teen pussy is already dripping wet before he even enters her. As she lays on her back and he pounds her she leans up to lick on his nipples.

After they fuck for awhile she gives him another blowjob, licks his balls, and even does a quick rimjob before he cums on her face.

Hot Pinay Sex Scene With Lucy


This is definitely one of the best Trike Patrol videos around, and very well may be the best. Lucy is sitting by the pool in a sexy black bikini and is looking so hot they have to join her.

Eventually after some drinks are had they invite her up to their room. She says that she is a doorgirl and dancer at a major bar and has been with many foreigners before. She really likes white dick.

You can tell this sexy Filipina porn star has experience by the way she sucks his dick after they took a shower together. This is one great teen blowjob and she licks up his shaft and then deepthroats well using no hands.

The best part of the movie is when they do it doggiestyle which is her favorite position. She has a great slim body and it looks best in doggie. It also looks great when this Pinay teen porn star hops on top and rides his big dick.

The video ends when he cums on her face and chest. This is a great Trike Patrol video.

Joanna The Hot Filipina

This time he meets her in a lingerie store and picks out some sexy panties to film her trying on in the changing room.

First she tries on a red thong, and then it is a white thong with a crotchless front that shows off her brown Asian pussy. They buy both pairs and head back to his hotel room on the trike.

She is still wearing the white crotchless panties under her sexy dress. He has been horny for awhile so she gives him a nice blowjob but can only go halfway down and cringes every time she takes in too much.

Then he goes down on her through the panties for a bit before entering her while she is still wearing them. She hops on in reverse cowgirl and you get to watch her nice booty bouncing up and down.

Then she turns to cowgirl and rides him for a bit. She has a really tiny pussy that you can see through the crotchless panties. They stand up and he has her bend over and hits it from behind.

Then it is back to the bed for some quick doggie style before he gives this sexy amateur Filipina a facial.

21 Year Old Jenny

Jenny is 21 and had moved to Angeles City from Samar earlier that year. She is a lovely girl and is always smiling and having fun. She told him that she was good at giving blowjobs and the camera confirms she has some skills.

Then after a nice long blowjob she hops on and rides him and you get to see her big smile as she is doing it. She is clearly enjoying herself on his big hard cock.

Then she switches it around for some reverse cowgirl before they do doggie. In the end he cums on her stomach.

Filipina Threesome Sex Scene

The sexy Asian porn star Lupe has been on Trike Patrol before and happened to mention that she was a lesbian. Of course that caught their attention and he had to invite her back…… this time with a +1.

Lupe is a bit chunky but her friend Suzie is slim and petite. Since Suzie is the new girl she gets to start things off by giving a blowjob. Then it is time for the girls to each do down on each other and lick each others pussies.

The guy is getting jealous now and wants them both to suck him off at the same time. They are good at sharing and use a lot of tongue during the dual blowjob.

The girls are horny though so Suzie hops on in cowgirl before quickly turning it to reverse cowgirl and laying back on him. This gives Lupe a great chance to come over and lick her clit as she is getting banged.

Then after Lupe has licked Suzie’s clit for awhile the sexy Filipina porn star Suzie gets in doggie and gets fucked really hard. He flips her over and pounds away some more before cumming on her face.

A nice Filipina threesome sex scene.

Another Pinay Threesome Porn Video

Ashley had been on Trike Patrol before and this time he got help from her to pick up another girl. She was up in his room blowing him in a plaid sexy Asian schoolgirl skirt as he looked down at the hotels pool.

Jill was looking nice and sexy so he asked Ashley to go down and invite her up. When they got back into the room Ashley got back on her knees and Jill asked if she could join in.

The two sexy amateur Filipinas gave a nice two girl blowjob making sure to use lots of tongue. This goes on for quite awhile before Ashley lays down on the bed and Jill looks her nicely shaved Filipina pussy.

He can’t take being left out anymore and goes behind Jill and enters her. After banging her from behind he lays on the bed and Jill hops on top to ride while Ashley licks her boobs.

He then switches to doing Ashley from behind and you get to see her nice round ass. It is bouncing all around and looks great in doggie.

Jill lays on her back and is enjoying him inside her sexy shaved Filipina pussy so much that she starts playing with her own clit to make herself cum.

He stands them up against the wall and gets a quick BJ from Ashley and enters Jill from behind again but not for long. At this point he is ready to explode so they both give another two girl blowjob before giving Jill a big facial.

Another awesome Filipina threesome from Trike Patrol.

Petite Amateur Asian Jennifer

They meet the petite amateur Filipina Jennifer on the streets of Angeles City and even though she is shy she is game to come over to the room. She is really shy about showing skin and talking and it looks like it will be a boring scene.

She claims to have never given a blowjob before but her skills make me think she has lots and lots of experience. Not only that but once she starts sucking she really opens up and goes from shy to true porn star.

She gives great head and her tongue never stops flicking all over his cock. She then hops on his dick and rides it and you get a nice view of a great Asian booty.

She switches to a reverse cowgirl position and you can see on her face how much she loves it. By this point she is fully into this scene and also wants to cum bad.

He starts pounding up into her really hard and then goes into doggie and pounds her even harder. Then she lays on her back and balances herself with her foot against the wall.

They switch positions over and over and it is hard to keep up, they do doggie again, they spoon, they put her on her back…… it’s a great well balanced session. In the end he pulls out and gives another Filipina facial.

This is a really good scene with a fun loving girl.

18 Year Old Filipina Teen

Janna is only 18 years old and claims this is the 2nd time she has ever had sex. If her blowjob skills tell the real story then she may be right because she can’t take it deep into her mouth at all and clearly doesn’t enjoy giving head.

She is a very skinny teen Filipina porn star and the sex starts with her on top. She is trying to smile but looks quite uncomfortable at the start of the scene. Eventually she starts to loosen up a bit and enjoy herself.

She is so shy that he has to do all the work when she is on top, but eventually she begins to go up and down on her own and gets into it.

They switch to reverse cowgirl and she is enjoying it more and more as it goes on. They switch to spoon and you get a great view of her fully shaved 18 year old Asian pussy.

He puts her in doggie and goes real hard for a few minutes then lays her on her back for a short time before pulling out and finishing on her stomach.

She was quite shy at first, but who doesn’t enjoy watching a sexy 18 year old teen Asian porn star?

Fat Assed Asian Lea

The title of this sexy Filipina porn is ‘Lea, Junk in Da Trunk’ and Lea sure is a curvy one. If you like them with some meat on their bones then this is a good video for you.

The guys at Trike Patrol are good at letting the girl do her most skilled work for as long as possible. Well Lea was really good at sucking dick so that took up a big chunk of this video.

She went nice and slow and was able to take most of his cock in. For the sex they had her in doggie for most of it. That big ass bouncing around was surely great for him and it was great for us as well.

He put her on her back for awhile but then wanted to finish on her big round ass so brought her back up for more doggie. After he came on the sexy Pinay porn star’s ass he drew a design with his cum. How sweet.

Selfie Porn With Yumi

The sexy Filipina porn star Yumi is from Subic and she loves to take selfies. Of course with a face as pretty as hers you can’t blame her.

They go to the beach and take some selfies, and then stop off for a meal to take some more. Then it is time to hop on the trike and head back to the room for the real show to begin.

She had on a see through shirt and kept only it on as she laid on the bed and fingered her tight Asian pussy. Then we got to watch her pretty face as she gave some good head. She was quite skilled at blowjobs and her pretty face made it even better.

They went through a variety of positions starting with her on top, then switching to doggie and her laying on her back. In the end he pulls out and nuts all over her belly.

Find sexy Filipina porn stars with pretty faces can be a hard task. This one gets the job done.

Trike Patrol Amateur Mila

This is probably one of the better all around real Filipina sex videos you will ever see. The Pinay porn star Mila is very sexy and petite.

Even though she is petite she has some nice size boobs for her body type, and some light colored skin. She also has some really sexy eyes and is far less shy than most Filipina porn stars.

Her tight Asian pussy is completely shaved and she has no problem showing it or the rest of her sexy body off. She can’t fully deepthroat when giving head but she looks to be somewhat skilled.

They go through a variety of positions but the two best are her in reverse cowgirl and her in doggie. The doggie is great because she looks very sexy as she stares into the camera with those eyes.

This is one of the better real Filipina sex videos with a real Filipina girl that you will see anywhere.

Janet Gives A Great Filipina Blowjob

The sexy amateur Filipina porn star Janet knows what she is best at and that is why she gives a really long blowjob to start the scene. She is also good at working with her hands and mixes it up often.

After the long blowjob we finally get to see her great ass and watch it ride as she is in cowgirl. He starts to go really hard up into this sexy Filipina porn stars tight pussy and she is loving it.

They switch positions a few times doing some reverse cowgirl action and then her laying on her back getting pounded. He wants a good view of her great ass for the end so they switch to doggie before he pulls out and cums on her face.

If you want to watch even more real Filipina sex videos with real Filipina girls sign up for Trike Patrol. They have hundreds of amateur porn scenes shot by real girls, not by porn stars.

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