How To Make Money Being An Adult Webcam Model

There are so many people out there who wonder how to make money being an adult webcam model. The truth is it is very easy to get set up, and how much money you make will be up to varying factors.

This post will not only detail how you can get set up, but also will tell you some different strategies to help you make more money. Some girls are getting rich off this, others just use it for a little additional shopping money.

No matter what your goals are the money is out there. The more time and effort that you put into your craft the more that you can make.

Chaturbate Is The Best Came Site To Make Money

In our opinion Chaturbate is the best adult webcam site around, and it isn’t even close. It offers the best user experience by far.

When you go to MyFreeCams it just shows a picture of the model, but not a current picture of what they are doing. So you have to click and click and click until you find one putting on the type of show you want to see.

Every time you refresh the Chaturbate page it shows you a thumbnail pic of exactly what the girl is doing at that moment. That means if you want to see boobs you can tell if her top is off.

If you want to watch a live sex cam you can tell if they are in the act or just talking to the camera. This user friendliness has led Chaturbate to becoming the most popular adult cam site out there.

Signing Up For Chaturbate Is Easy

You can click on this link to sign up for Chaturbate for free. It is a very quick and easy process, the only part that takes any time is waiting for your age (18+ of course) to be verified and then you are good to go.

There aren’t lots of forms and pages you need to fill out. Just a simple, quick sign up form and once your age is verified you are good to go.

So as long as you are 18 or older, have access to a computer, webcam, and internet you are going to be good to go. Pro tip: make sure you have very good internet and a high quality HD webcam.

Nobody wants to watch some choppy and blurry feed. That could fly 5 years ago, not anymore.



How Adult Cam Models Earn Money

Chaturbate has a great system set up for adult cam models to earn money. The viewers can purchase tokens and then tip the girls with them.

Each token earns you 5 cents which may not sound like a lot, but we have seen 2000 token tips before. We will get into how to maximize your revenue soon, there are many different strategies you can take for this.

Getting your payment is easy. They will send the money you make being a live cam girl to your bank via direct deposit if you want.

You can also receive a check, wire, or use other payment processors. And of course this is all done very discreetly.

How To Maximize Your Adult Cam Earnings

There are so many different ways to maximize your adult webcam show earnings. If you are hot you are going to make money no matter what you do, but if you do things optimally you can always earn more.

Lets use some of the biggest stars on Chaturbate as a guide for you. 1k1_Nights is undoubtedly one of the biggest earners on the site.

Why? Because she has a body to die for and puts in long sessions many days a week. She will start off in some sexy outfit and slowly remove all of her clothes.

Then once she feels the tips are drying up she will take a very quick break to switch to another outfit and begin the process again. She will do this a few times during a 4 or 5 hour session.

It is a good strategy if you have the body to pull it off. She also is very good at understanding when the money is flowing in and how to maximize it.

If guys are tipping her a lot of tokens when she only has a bra on she will stay like that for longer. If no tips are coming in she will remove it.

Plus of course when she has some big tippers on the hook she won’t end a session. That is one of the bigger keys, make sure you get full value when the right tippers are watching.

Don’t set some stop loss and say I want to make ‘xxxx’ coins today. Instead maximize every opportunity you get when the big spenders are on.

One last thing about 1k1, she never even shows her face! She probably makes $100k+ a year and no one has ever seen what she really looks like.

If you have a body hot enough to pull that off you can do the same. Most girls need to show their face though.

Live Cam Girl Next Door Beryl18

Now we are going to talk about the complete opposite approach and that is with the very pretty girl next door live cam girl Beryl18. She does things in a completely different way.

Where 1k1 is all about her bodies extreme sex appeal Beryl18 is like some sort of master on male psychology. We have seen her get 4 figure tips before when fully clothed.

She doesn’t hide her face, instead she uses it as her best weapon. Most importantly she actually interacts with her viewers throughout the entire show.

She reads their comments and replies to (most of) their questions. Of course if someone is being an asshole she ignores them, but she comes off as such a sweetheart that guys aren’t going to be assholes to her.

Instead they eat that ish up and throw money at her. Recently she set up a ‘hold my boobs’ chat where after she got tipped 2000 tokens she would show her tits for like 5 minutes.

Ya, she got $100 just to show her tits while countless other cam girls are completely naked and doing anything guys ask them to do for a 25 token tip. Why? Because she understands the game better than anyone.

While the vast majority of other girls on the site are coming off as greedy Beryl18 comes off as the dream girlfriend. The truth is she is the best saleswoman on the site.

If you want to earn some serious money being a live cam girl you should watch Beryl18 and learn from her. Not every girl can pull off what she does, but her strategy is much more possible than 1k1’s because if you don’t have a body like 1k1 you aren’t going to get the same payoff.

Freaky Live Sex Cam Shows

Of course you can just take the easier way out and that is to be the one that puts on the freakiest shows. Give the best blowjob, have a lot of hot sex on cam, or find a smoking hot lesbian to get nasty with.

If you are hot and are putting on a great show then you are going to get viewers. This isn’t rocket science, the hottest girls and freakiest shows will make the most money unless you learn to be a star like Beryl.

You could also take inspiration from Kenra Sunderland. She did a live nude cam show from her school library that has now been viewed tens of millions of times.

This made her famous in the porn world and got her in Penthouse. She did end up getting arrested for public indecency, so maybe when you do some sort of ‘field trip’ don’t show your face.

Any way to get creative will draw viewers in.

Call To Actions To Make Money

What we mean by this is different ways to request tokens. One way to do it is to say that you are doing a private show in 5 minutes and you have to tip 25 tokens to watch.

In our opinion this is a short sighted strategy. We honestly don’t know if that is true or not, but we have noticed that the big earners never do these shows.

Instead they set up things in their bio’s like ‘tip 500 to be the king’ or something similar. 1k1_Nights has a great set up for this, don’t copy her exactly, but use it as a guide for your own thing.

Some guys will really want to be considered your biggest fan or your best tipper. You will be surprised at how much money gets thrown around here.

Another thing you can do is similar to what Beryl did with the ‘show my boobs after 2000 tokens’ thing. Of course if you don’t have a ton of viewers something like that is not going to be possible.

Beryl has 200k followers on Chaturbate, when she and 1k1 are on they always have 3k+ viewers. As a noob those numbers will be hard to achieve.

One reason why you may not earn as good of money when doing the private shows is that you are going to run off your customer base. One of the best ways to make money online is to give away your content for free.

Sure, that makes absolutely zero sense, but somehow it works. If you just sit around clothed and only let people who pay 25 tokens see you naked you are going to have a real hard time getting new ‘customers.’

But if you have thousands of viewers because everyone wants to watch your show your followers and earnings will keep going up and up. Blogs do call to actions too like when we say click the icon below to sign up for Chaturbate now!

Good Luck Making Money As An Adult Cam Model

If you want to sign up to be an Adult Cam Model then you should click that link. Within minutes you can have the form filled out and be waiting for your age verification.

While you wait do yourself a favor and do a bit of studying. Look at the most viewed cams and take notes of what they are doing.

See what call to actions they are using and try something similar. If you have the body of a goddess like 1k1 then none of this will matter.

But if you don’t then you need to try out some different tactics and see which works best. Be creative with it but remember that sample size is important.

If you try something one time and it fails that doesn’t mean it can’t work the next time. There is a whole lot of variance and it really just comes down to when the big tippers are on.

So when they are on keep working until they leave and get that big pay day. Hopefully this post on how to make money being an adult webcam model helps you with your goals.